15 Things It’s Easy to Leave In Your Hotel Room

Checklists are a great thing to to have when you travel, especially when travelling with kids.

A good one to have is a list of things you want to make sure you don’t want to leave in your hotel room when you leave.

1. Chargers plugged into the walls.

2. Adaptor plugs plugged into the walls.

3. USB cords.

4. Your ethernet cable, which may be plugged into their modem.

5. Anything else that is plugged in, such as an airport express.

6. Any money or cards you have stashed somewhere, including things you’ve left in the in-room safe or in a safe at the front desk. I’ve certainly left money and passports in the room safe before. Fortunately I was able to return and pick them up before flying out of town.

7. Things you have put away in drawers or the wardrobe.

8. Shake out the bed covers and check under the bed. Hotel beds will be on wheels so move the bed a little bit if this is the case. Use the torch app on your phone to check dark places. Lift up the pillows and make sure nothing is underneath.

9. Stuff in the fridge or freezer, especially anything you plan to remove at the last minute.

10. Special “blankies” or special toys.

11. Glasses or sunglasses.

12. Small purses or bags – make sure you have an accurate “bag count” that includes your handbag.

13. Anything down the back of a sofa or down the side of the bedside tables i.e., between the bedside tables and the bed, or between the tables and the window.

14. Things left on a chair that has been pushed in.

15. Do leave the tip. Sometimes we’ve forgotten this in the rush to get out and to the airport, and then felt terrible about it.

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