Cape Town, South Africa – Outdoor Lifestyle At It’s Best

So, you’ve found yourself living the digital nomad family life in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. The sun is shining, the mountains are imposing, and the water is sparkling, what more could you want?

Well, if you have little ones in tow, you will of course need to keep them occupied, and you will need to know what to do and where to go for true family time. Thankfully, Cape Town is geared up for the outdoorsy life, and this is exactly what kids love! Getting out and about in the fresh air is not only good for health and well being, but it’s also a true bonding experience for the family.

Here’s a few suggestions of things to do whilst spending your extended time in Cape Town.

Play parks

The great thing about Cape Town is that despite it being a huge city, it does have rather large green, open spaces, and many of them are occupied with parks. Now come on, every child loves a park, right?! The advantage to this is that not only will your little bundles of joy have fun, get some exercise, and meet new friends, but for anyone who is new to the area, this is a great opportunity to meet other families who are in the same situation.

Mountain biking/walking

We’re onto outdoorsy fun again, but Cape Town has plentiful pre-marked trails for biking and walking, which is a great activity for all the family. Younger children will love all the wildlife they’ll see along the way, and the views are stunning. Table Mountain and Signal Hill are the popular spots, but there are plenty of others, and a few with lower intensity.

Ice cream!

Summer days require ice cream, this is the law … somewhere. The Creamery in Newlands makes delicious homemade ice cream, and this is a firm favourite. If you don’t fancy ice cream, they do puddings too, so there’s no excuse not to indulge!

Green Point Urban Park & Bugz Play Park

For a few hours away from work and a bit of family bonding, these two are a real local favourites. Jungle swings, open spaces, play areas, sand pits, and lots of other children to interact with.

And there’s always the beach!

An hour or two on the beach is the biggest perk of living somewhere as wild and free as Cape Town. Splashing in the waves, even having surf lessons, building sand castles and letting the sun warm the skin – this is true freedom, and every kid loves a day on the beach, no matter whether they live next to one or not; the beach never gets old.

A life in Cape Town, whether it’s for business or pleasure, is one that is perfect for family fun, and with so much outdoor space, your little ones will never be forced to spend large amounts of time indoors. This is what childhood is all about – getting out and playing in the outdoors.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Nick Gray

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