Celebrity Spotting In London’s Primrose Hill


London is one of those surprising cities – little pockets and neighbourhoods that most visitors won’t have time to discover but are the kind of things that make London an incredibly liveable city (if you have a bit of money and a decent job). Primrose Hill has always been one of London’s most fashionable neighbourhoods, and if you are looking for a way to entertain the kids then here are a few suggestions on how to make a family friendly expedition to this little corner of London.

The view

The hill that gives this area its name is just on the northern side of Regent’s Park (one of the best parks in this surprisingly green city). The hill is 256 feet high (78 metres), which perhaps doesn’t sound that big but due to London’s low-rise planning regulations, the view that it affords you is absolutely breathtaking. One of the reasons that this area survived as open parkland during the development of London was that it was appropriated by King Henry VIII as a hunting park, during the mid 1800s it was declared as a public park. When the weather is good this is the perfect place to roll out your blanket and relax over a picnic or simply unfurl your kite and let it catch the breeze while you admire the views across London.

The celebrities

With it’s streets lined with expensive Victorian terraces, Primrose Hill is the kind of desirable London neighbourhood where everyone wants to live and no one can actually afford – unless you are a celebrity. Part of the fun is wandering the streets and keeping an eye for famous faces, or people who look like they should be famous, or might be famous, or think that they’re famous. Supermodels, actors, and people who are famous just for being famous all choose to make their home in Primrose Hill. If you don’t manage to spot the real thing, then waxworks Madame Tussaud’s is just down the road so you can always go and have your picture taken with a lifelike representation of your favourite stars.

The shops and cafes

Primrose Hill does great shopping. This is the neighbourhood where you will find the designer boutiques and independent retailers that seem to have disappeared from the high streets of most other parts of the United Kingdom. Cake shops, delis, bakeries, and cafes all thronging with glamorous locals out enjoying the relaxed lifestyle of this area. Plus there are some really great pubs in Primrose Hill. If you are looking for a family-friendly “gastro-pub” that serves up a proper Sunday Roast lunch then you are spoiled for choice in Primrose Hill.

Green spaces, liveable neighbourhoods, hills with amazing views and top kite-flying credentials. Sometimes it is hard to believe that London is such a massive city teeming with millions of people. You might not be able to afford in the glamorous streets of Primrose Hill, but take the family for a visit and at least pretend for a little while.

photo credit: Creative commons [Duncun]

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