Family Fun in Marmaris, Southern Turkey

The life of a travelling enthusiast is an unusual one to the outside world; always moving, exploring, and travelling the open road. When that particular person has a family, things can get awkward, trying to juggle daily life with travel.

Marmaris in Southern Turkey is a beautiful spot, a popular place to travel through, and especially stay for the summer. I am doing just that at the moment, visiting my friend who has a one year old little boy, and another on the way. Because of that, I spend much of my time seeking out child-friendly activities for us all to enjoy, many of which involve seeking shade from the intense summer sun!

I’ve managed to find several things to do during my time in the Turkish sun, so let me share.

Fun on the swings

Parks might not be the first thing you think of when you’re visualising Turkey, but Turks as a nation are very family-oriented and you’ll find plentiful green, open spaces with swings and slides here. These areas can get very busy during school holidays, but it’s a great opportunity to meet new likeminded people, and for your little ones to meet new friends too. The parks around Marmaris are often surrounded by trees too, so you there is sanctuary from the sun if it all gets too much.

Cinar Restaurant

Enjoy a traditional Turkish feast in a forest setting near Marmaris. The restaurant is a popular place to come for breakfast but you can go there for any meal. Cinar restaurant is a real authentic experience which many tourists don’t know about. The kids will love the forest setting with the chickens running around, and it’s also a great opportunity to get some healthy, plentiful food down their necks! Visiting Cinar is a great way to get out of Marmaris, because at times it can become overwhelmingly touristy.

Cake time!

Hidden down the very furthest end of the marina is the best café in the town, serving the most delicious cakes and milkshakes, sure to put a smile on your little one’s faces. If you can’t be bothered to walk that far when it’s hot, there is a restaurant halfway down the marina, just near the huge octopus statue, which your kids will love too, called So Sweet. The cake here is to die for!


Around 10 minutes out of Marmaris you will discover this little slice of serenity, with swimming pools, slides, food, walks and plenty of wildlife to keep your little explorers happy. The village of Asparan is a little known secret and really only locals know about it, so you can be assured of a peaceful, quiet day out. It also has a great restaurant that is highly recommended.

The beach

Regardless of what you’re doing in Marmaris, the beach calls you. There is the public beach, where the Turkish tourists and locals tend to head, or the beaches that are adjacent to the plentiful bars on the beachfront; these are the sections of beach where you’ll be expected to buy a drink etc. A day splashing, playing in the sand and watching the world go by is easy on you and the kids, and if you want to do any work on the go whilst you’re there, pick a bar with free wifi, which will no doubt stretch to the beach area.

As you can see, Marmaris isn’t all party central, and despite its rather unfair reputation, I’ve found it to be more than child-friendly.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons, fotozyth

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